Suboxone Treatment – Good or Not Good?

Suboxone Treatment – Good or Not Good?

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Not long ago, a friend told me about Suboxone replacement therapy. He told me that it saves lives, and is often used in in-patient recovery clinics as a detox medicine. Yet, most in-patient recovery centers do not condone the use of Suboxone as a treatment for staying clean.

After much research, and a lot of experience with addiction, here’s my personal opinion:

In 2005, my oldest brother died from overdose. At the time, Suboxone was not readily available as it is today. If suboxone had been been prescribed to him, he’d probably still be here.

The reasons are simple (and, if you’re not an addict, they won’t make any sense):

Addicts grow accustomed to having a narcotic in their bodies. After long term use, not having opiates in their system feels like a train hit it. Worse, that sluggish, unmotivated  and desperate feeling can (and usually does) last for months after they stop using narcotics. This is why there are so many relapses. They simply feel like hell and will do anything to feel normal again.

If suboxone can  make someone feel great without getting high, then why is it a problem. The answer is dependency. Most people who take suboxone get addicted to it, and are then taking it instead of their preferred narcotics.

This is why suboxone therapy is typically referred to as “replacement therapy”.

Yet, if it can really replace the use of something so destructive and allow someone to live a normal life, then isn’t that a batter solution than death?

id rather have my brother here, happy, working, being a husband and father addicted to suboxone than where he is now. He’s dead, and he’s never coming back.

if you suffer from opiate abuse or are addicted to narcotics of any type, call Nashville Recovery today at (615) 431-3701 and start living a normal life through replacement therapy.

Call today: (615) 431-3701

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Auto Dealer Reviews Turn Shoppers Away

Auto Dealer Reviews Turn Shoppers Away

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It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that online reviews are the #1 influencer for people shopping for a vehicle. With a car or truck purchase happening on average of once every 3-4 years, consumers don’t already have a relationship with their local dealer, unless true to the brand for service and recommended maintenance.

Think about it: Do you have a “feel” for your local Ford dealer? Know their sales staff? Have a “go to” guy or girl you can call when it’s time to buy? If you do, then you’re one of few who have established a relationship with an auto dealer. But, let’s look at what’s typical, shall we?

When shopping for a vehicle, most people first choose the vehicle, and THEN the dealership.
You’ve decided on a new or used vehicle. If used, you’re probably going to purchase from the dealer that has the closest match to your needs and wants, in which there is no brand loyalty and far less research performed, according to

Shopping for a new vehicle means you have choices.
Consumers typically have between 2 and 9 dealers to choose from in many metro markets when shopping for a new vehicle. Pricing is typically similar, and service isn’t yet a concern (to many buyers), so it all boils down to two things:
Price and Trust.

Online services like TrueCar allow people to get the pricing issue out of the way before even making contact with a dealership. Armed with TrueCar’s pricing in-hand, they now feel a bit of power, knowing they can get the close to the same price at multiple dealerships in their market on any new vehicle. With pricing solved, then what? Now, it’s a trust game. “Who can I trust to make my purchase experience as trouble-free as possible?” “How can I find out which dealer is most likely to give me a smooth, trouble-free purchase experience, before stepping on the lot? The answer is of course researching online reviews.

Services like MergeR Automated Reviews or Birdeye can help any auto dealer generate tons of authentic reviews using their sales and service customers, give them tools to manage the bad ones, and even display their reviews (all of them, from all networks) inside their website. So, do most auto dealers use a service like MergeR? The answer is “no”. And, we’re still trying to figure out why.

Here’s the funny part – Most new and used car dealers have yet to figure out the depth in which their online reviews direct traffic to them, or away from them. A page-one Google Search for a specific auto dealer can result in 8 or more review site ratings appearing. Google has single-handedly made online reviews the most important item an auto dealer can have by making it the most prominent item next to the dealer’s name in Google Search, Google typically pulls in the star ratings from, Facebook, DealerRater, Edmunds, YellowPages, Foursquare, Yelp and others, giving consumers an instant snapshot of the quality of service each dealer delivers, without a single click:



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The golden goose for any business is to figure out how to get their current, happy customers building their brand inside social media, organically. Not “posts on company pages” mind you, but real, consumer posts, likes, +1’s, shares and re-post’s, that generate viral social activity organically, without having to pay for boosted posts, or 100×100 pixel ads that are too easy to ignore. VASS Pages, a product of WebSpin 360, a service that provides solutions related to online reputation management, reviews, ratings, testimonials, online presence, and social media buzz for automotive and motorcycle dealers, may have finally found this golden goose.

It’s called,, and here’s how it works:

Each time a new customer is input the VASS Pages software by the dealer, a new, unique “Customer Page” is published at specific to that customer. The customer then receives an email with links to share their page on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest. The post title (generated by the VASS Pages system) prompts social media friends, family and co-workers to “LIKE”, “COMMENT” or RE-POST” the share, thanks to it’s perfectly-worded post title – “Do you like my new car?”
(View Sample Page)

Likes, Shares, +1’s, Tweets and Pins are all tracked and displayed on the page itself, creating evenmore social buzz for the page, and ultimately, social buzz for the dealership and salesperson who sold the vehicle.

According to Facebook, each user has over 200 friends. A single post that is Liked, Re-posted, or Commented on, can easily reach thousands of people. In the case of, this can mean thousands of very “hard to reach” social media impressions for the auto dealer or motorcycle dealers using VASS Pages.

For more information, visit, or call them today at 888-542-0844, extension 2.

 LMNC-Page  LMNC-Post


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